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Robert Le Diable by Meyerbeer
Opera Magazine, John Steane
The Robert, Warren MOK, is interesting, possible
phenomenal¡K .has the range, the fluency, the staying power and the weight of a genuine heroic tenor for Meyerbeer. It¡¦s also a voice for many colors, sometimes soft and veiled, then incisively forward, taking the high notes mostly with a straight tenor edge but sometimes with a well-placed head voice. Such a combination is not too common these days.

Le Trouvere by Verdi.
Opera Magazine ,Ronald Crichton
Mok does Commendably, who brings to Manrique a greater refinement of manner than one expects in a role not infrequently given to bull-necked tenors out to knock them flat with ¡§ Di quella pira¡¨ .

Le Trouvere by Verdi
Opera Magazine, Fernando Battaglia
Warren MOK is a hard-working singer with a fine voice, and he was able to tackle and conquer the title role, free from the dangerous demands on the top register enshrined in Italian performance practice.

Roma by Massenet
Opera Magazine , Richard Fairs
Warren Mok makes a fine job of it. His Lentulus has easily the liveliest vocal personality of the cast.

Don Carlo by Verdi
Latvian National Opera, Riga Opera Festival
Opera News: George Loomis
Warren MOK offered a hot-tempered ,vibrant account of the title role.

La traviata
Macau International Music Festival
Opera Magazine, Joanna Lee
Mok was utterly convincing in the role, his singing consistently superb.

Les Huguenots by Meyerbeer
Opera Magazine, George Loomis
Warren Mok seems to have modeled his performance on that of La Scala¡¦s Raoul, the late Franco Corelli, and comes amazingly close to the ideal. Suffice it to say that Mok has a ringing, rather baritonal timbre and pours forth tone generously. His Raoul is a visceral experience not least for its secure, expansive high notes. Paired with the fine Valentine of Annalisa Raspagliosi, he helps make the grand duo in Act 4 the opera¡¦s rightful high point.

Romantic Duet review
Warren MOK
" His technique is rock solid, with beautiful even timbre, and an engaging enthusiasm on stage; ringing top notes were attacked and held in rocklike Pavarotti vein." "The Guardian"(England) about Warren Mok

La Boheme
" Warren Mok limned an ardent Rodolfo with a fetchingly brash tenor......" Opera News U.S.A.
" Warren Mok brings formidable strengths of his own to the part of Rodolfo, ..... with a tenor that has blossomed into a mature instrument of glory. Together, Dobish and Mok create a couple for whom we feel genuine empathy." The Honolulu Advertiser U.S.A.
" Warren Mok as Rodolfo sang with pleasing timbre. He demonstrated fine musical interpretation and vocal agility, portraying his character with a range of emotions, which he made believable." Star-Bulletin U.S.A.

Un giorno di regno
" Warren Mok made an excellent Eduardo; the Chinese-American tenor has a fine, lyrical voice and an engaging personality."
Opera magazine England
"... Orchestra and soloists are professional... the latter often important talents fresh to Britain. Chinese-American tenor Warren Mok was very impressive as Eduardo di Sanval, the good looking romantic lead. His technique is rock solid, with beautiful even timbre, and an engaging enthusiasm on stage; ringing top notes were attacked and held in rocklike Pavarotti vein... "
The Guardian England

Lucia di Lammermoor
" What did give Lucia some life were the voices, or rather the voice of Warren Mok as Edgar. He is no lyric tenor, but one with a deep, rich voice, filled with life, taking the most difficult passages in his final graveyard scene with soaring intensity.... with a voice like that, movements take care of themselves." South China Morning Post Hong Kong Die Hochzeit des Camachos
" Warren Mok, a phenomenally high lyric tenor, as Vivaldo in Deutsche Oper Berlin and Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin's joint production. " Opera News U.S.A.

" Giving voice to Verdi : As he proved last year in Otello, Warren Mok not only is a rich tenor, "almost flashy enough for a Wagnerian heldentenor" but he brought all the passion and ardour missing from the other performers.... he provided the electricity. Mok's acting - as seducer, sadist and joyful inebriate - were sometimes thrilling."
South China Morinig Post Hong Kong

La Traviata
" Warren Mok was extremely successful in the tenor role. His voice has developed since last year's production of Rigoletto, it is subtly richer and there always seems to be power in reserve. This was essential a weaker Alfredo against a Violetta of Thomas's Calibre would have been unbalanced. But these two sparked off each other and produced first class opera. " Eastern Express Hong Kong

Das Schloss
" Shared Darkness for ' The Castle ' ... the magnificent Warren Mok as Barnabas..." International Herald Tribune U.S.A." Den Barnabas sang der Tenor Warren Mok ˆ¢beraus eindringlich. " Opera Glas Germany
" Warren Mok darf als Schlossbote ein Bissche tenoral benedeien. " Berliner Morgenpost Germany
" Wie ein zu Kafka verirrter Prinz Tamino sah Warren Mok aus, der die Barnabas-Partie mit schonem Tenor ausstattete."
Rheinische Post Germany
" Barnabas mit dem Tenor Warren Mok fabelhaft besetzt. " Frankfnrter Allgemeine Zeitung Germany

Das Land des LAchelns
" Uber die Peinlichkeit vordergrˆ¢ndig gestylter Figurenstatuarik sieht man zuweilen hinweg weil ausgezeichnete Stimmen Zuhoeren erzwingen, allen voran die des chinesischamerikanischen Tenorgastes Warren Mok als Sou-Chong. Sein ist das ganze (Publikums)Herz, in das ersich mit dem Leipziger Zugewinn der hochdramatisch singendenund agierenden... " Union Germany

" Mit dem chinesisch-amerikanischen Tenor Warren Mok wurde zudem ein Prinz Sou-Wang gefunden, der dieser schweren Partie, an der sich immerhin von Fritz Wunderlich ˆ¢ber Rudolf Schock bis zu Nicolai Gedda Berˆ¢ckende Art gerecht wurde..... So heisst die Entdeckung des Leipziger Abends Warren Mok, denn bei ihm stimmt fast alles : Stimme, Artikulation, Aussprache, und wenn er nun noch einen guten Regisseur gehabt hatte, ware das Ganze sensationell geworden. Dank des hochbegabten jungen Tenors, des erfahrenen und stilvollen Dirigenten und der wunderbar musizierenden Damen und Herren im Graben siegte Franz Lehˆhr auf der ganzen Linie. "Kreuzer Leipzig Germany

La Juive
" Neu hinzugekommen ist als verkleidet-windiger 'Reichsfˆ¢rst Leopold' Warren Mok, der seinen lyrischen Tenor mit viel Kern und kratiger Substanz. " Bielefeld Zeitung

" Mok is that rarity--- a tall and handsome tenor capable of being convincing as an operatic hero. Added to this is a voice capable of negotiating the elegant cantabile lines of his famous Act3 aria, and a convincing stage presence." The Strait Times Singapore

" Mok shines as Romeo in Shanghai Festival..... His strength lies in portraying an emotional victim of love, as equally adept at dramatic performance as he is with his shimmering, airy vocalizations. Mok demonstrated fine musical interpretation and vocal agility, singing his Romeo with a range of emotions."
China Daily

" Mais la grande surprise est venue de Warren Mok, tenor originaire de Hong Kong, a la voix genereuse et sonore, ample et saine, qui pourrait faire les beaux soirs de nombreux theatres en Europe. Mais ce jeune Chinois de 35 ans est, semble-t-il, destine a diriger l'Opera de sa ville natale¡K" Sergio Segalini Opera International France

" The Cavaradossi of Warren Mok , the Hong Kong tenor who combines singing with producing operas in China, was heroic and forthright, and this youthful strength when combined with Tomowa-Sintow's smoother tones made for an electrifying effect.
Opera Magazine England

" Warren Mok , he helped to produce the opera and portrayed the role of Don Jose, his acting was excellent as the character evolved itself, he sang the ' Flower song ' beautifully, especially in the final act the singing was extremely touching¡K"
Sing Tao Daily Hong Kong

" Warren Mok, gave a strong performance as Radames. In the deut between the princess and Radames (MOK), the singers gradually build the intensity to an effortless culmination of voices. By contrast the final scene of the entombed lovers accentuates their tragic situation, expressively repeating the same words of final resignation." South China Morning Post

" Don Jose est un percutant et vaillant Warren Mok, deja Mario Cavaradossi l'an passe. Contrairement a l'habitude, l'ancien brigadier ne se presente pas, au quatrieme acte,sale,mal rase et au bout du rouleau, mais dans tout l'eclat de sa prestance qui,au premier acte, avait tant seduit la cigariere. Le timbre de ce tenor, oringinaire de Hong Kong et tres celebre en Chine, est de premiere qualite, soutenu par une emission soignee et une technique solide, qui lui autorisent d'impeccables piani et de parfaits diminuendi, dans l'air de la fleur en particulier¡K" Opera International France, Sergio Segalini


" Mok's performance was not at all overshadowed by the shining Princess. His voice quality, mellow and magnetic, came through not only in the famous 'Nessun dorma,' but in all the arias from beginning to end. The beauty of his voice was only part of his strengh. Mok is known for his vivid, but economical movement on stage which helps further sharpen his characterization of his roles. His performance convinced us that he was the brave, brilliant and passionate lover! ¡KHis shimmering, stunning voice make him a perfect choice for roles like Romeo and Calaf.." China Daily Mao Jinbo

" Calaf was belted out manfully by the Hong Kong tenor warren Mok " The Times London Hilary Finch

" Warren Mok, as Calaf, had his big chance with Nessun Dorma, of course. He did that in fine style and with a voice which is a genuine musical product, not just a big noise--- and with the great virtue of his lively characterisation."
Manchester Evening News Robert Beale

Don Carlo
"In Don Carlo on June 18, Hong Kong born, New York-trained tenor Warren Mok offered a hot tempered, vibrant account of the title role." Opera News USA George W. Loomis

"Warren Mok's smouldering Don Carlos alone made the evening worthwhile.
Opera Magazine England Shirley Apthorp

"Warren Mok was a stylish, idiomatic Radames." Opera Magazine England John Allison

"Mok carried on in fine form after their strenuous outing the night before, he tempering vocal strength with some welcomed mezza -voce singing." Opera News USA George W.Loomis

Un ballo in maschera
" Anna Tomowa-Sintow and Warren Mok as Riccardo suited each other well, albeit in a mother-son way, repeating a partnership forged here two yeas ago in Tosca ." Opera Magazine England Bradley Winterton

" Warren Mok plays the king who is in love with his secretary's wife, and his commanding presence and resounding tenor voice made the part more than believable." Honolulu Advertiser,USA

IL Trovatore
"Rivelazione del Festival e stato il tenore cinese Warren Mok nel ruole di Manrico, voce solare, da Sol Levante per L'attezza, dolce e sqillante insieme, spontanea nell'emissione e appassionata."

Corriere del Giorno, Italy
"Warren Mok si e distaccato dalla convenzionalita del ruolo di Manrico. Voce di ottima qualita, ben plasmata, si e fatto apprezzare per il buon fraseggio, la incisiva emissione, pur senza attingere ai toni infiammati solitamente attribuiti al personaggio. Anche la celebre"cabaletta"Di quella pira, lo ha visto appassionato, e enza problemi negli acuti, ma non esageratamente eroico."
Le Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, Italy

"Warren Mok e un bel Manrique, squillante e appassionato¡K"
L'Unita , Italy

"Warren Mok, potente e generoso ¡K Mok disegna un personaggio credibile, drammaturgicamente apprezzabile¡K"
IL Mattino, Italy

"The Chinese tenor Warren Mok is a hard-working singer with a fine voice, and he was able to tackle and conquer the title role, freed from the dangerous demands on the top register enshrined in Italian performance pratice."
Opera Magazine, England F.Battaglia

Roma by Massenet---CD
"Soir admirable, this aria is a winner and Warren MOK makes a fine job of it. His Lentulus has easily the liveliest vocal personality of the cast. The love duet that follows also contains some memorable music and introduces us late in the day to heroine Fausta, grandly sung by Iano Tamar with dark, brooding soprano.